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Here are some videos covering Ecology (Symbiotic Relationships and Predator and Prey) on YouTube that you can watch. I will also attach virtual labs through National Parks, Museums, and Zoos you can walk through and enjoy.  Think about how if one species is removed from the environment, how will that impact the ecosystem it is a part of to maintain homeostasis? Why is that important? Where is that species in relation to the Food Web? The energy pyramid? What are some ways we can do to help preserve our ecosystem in our area alone?


Here are some links to virtual labs:

Facebook: Follow Forth Worth Zoo 

Here is a link to how a virus invades your body from Monday's lesson:


WEEK OF MARCH 23-27, 2020


Your writing assignments for this week are going to be as follows:

Firstly, if you have not watched the videos from last week, complete those. 

You will have 3 writing assignments-- one page essays that can be typed (double-spaced) and email it to me. I will be checking by Friday for your work. 

1. Write an essay explaining Symbiotic Relationships (Mutualism, Commensalism, and Parasitism) One of the videos above explained each one. You can research each one individually, give definitions, examples in nature, and which one do you find the most interesting and why. 

2. Write an essay explaining Predator and Prey relationships. You may choose from the videos I provided on species to cover. 

3. Write an essay over an ecosystem of your choice (desert, rainforest, marine, forest, etc.) Tell of the species that occupy it, predator and prey relationships, and symbiotic relationships all within that ecosystem. 

I will be checking by Friday for your emails. If you know of a classmate without laptop/phone usage, please email me their name. 



Students spend time outdoors experiencing nature. Take a meditation walk perhaps at the park (not during curfew hours and with an adult, and stay away from others). Notice the things around you and observe all the things we have learned about this year. From even the microscopic image of animal/plant cells; and how one cell becomes many cells until it becomes something you can enjoy with your eyes. Make this a project you can get knowledge from adults that know some of the plants just around your home. Maybe your family is planting a garden this spring, or have planted some fruit trees, or just enjoy flowering-plants. If plants don't interest you, you may do an insect collection perhaps. Grab a jar and go bug collecting the old-fashion way! Get in-touch with nature and get creative. 

-Identify at least 10 different plant/insect species in your yard or in your neighborhood. There are apps you can download temporarily on your phone like Plantsnapp (apple only) or FlowerChecker. (google in app store). Use the same method for insect collecting (Bugfinder).  Research each species and write a brief description about each one and email them to me. I would like to see pictures, too! 

Here is a picture of an insect we did a lab about I found at my home. If you remember the lab and the insect, it's worth extra points! (I told you to start looking for them about this time because they would be out!)

Happy hunting and get outdoors and get some fresh air! :) 



Here is a link to ICEV Curriculum. You must register by clicking on the link below to allow you access to see assignments that I have posted for you to continue your homebound education. If you run into any problems, please email me, or DM me on Facebook or Instagram, and I will help you get logged in. :) 

registration for food sci.docx



Students can also follow daily news and updates about the food shortages in stores. How are local businesses dealing with this economic crisis? What impacts have you individually seen from COVID-19 on local food markets, restaurants, and fast food chains in our area? Reflect how our class studies have made you more aware of this crisis, and the impact surrounding the country affecting our small town businesses and local food shortages. What can you do to help the less fortunate, the elderly, your community? 

WEEK OF MARCH 23-27, 2020

1. Continue OPTION 2 this week. Write a reflection essay over what you have observed in your local community. Explain in detail (one page typed and emailed) what your experiences have been, and how has this shutdown affected your family and their food needs. 

2. (a.)Make a list of restaurants and grocery stores (10 total) that have had to accommodate governmental guidelines to keep our community safe, and supplied with adequate groceries due to excessive purchases of items. If you are not sure, you can reach out as a group via social media and communicate about what the changes are you have observed, or heard your parents/guardians speak of. You can also call and speak to a manager about their new policies during this city-wide mandates.     (b) Explain what changes are being met to accommodate citizens

I will be checking by Friday for your emails. If you know of a classmate without laptop/phone usage, please email me their name. 



Let's change it up a bit

I know I have found myself eating foods that I haven't made it quite some time. Or maybe you are eating more processed foods, or snacks than normal (against your better judgement). During this time, maybe we all are not making some healthy food choices, but what are you doing to feel better or to compensate for possibly eating unhealthy? 

-Write a brief essay explaining your change of eating habits during this time. How has this affected your normal routine of breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 

Work From Home During Coronavirus Pandemic Memes: What Working ...

If you can't control perhaps what foods you have to eat, or snack on, that are probably not healthy choices (like we have discussed heavily in class), then supplement a workout routine. Download a free workout app on your phone and commit to exercising at least 20-30 minutes a day in your room, or maybe outside. If you live near school, go walk the track with your parents to get some fresh air.  Take some initiative to get into a healthier routine while on this break to boost your immune system and compensate for all this indulging you may be doing with processed foods and sodas! :)

Y'all ALL begged to go on a walk during class, so here is your chance! lol 


Students should still have their diagrams of the Cardiovascular System that was provided in class that showed the flow of blood through the heart. Students should have a good understanding how the chambers of the heart works together with the veins, arteries, and the lungs. A visual link below is provided to watch.

Students should also continue their studies about Cardiovascular disease, and how important your diet and physical activity plays an important role to help lessen the odds of developing these diseases or illnesses, and ways to maintain a healthy balance concerning your overall wellness.

WEEK OF MARCH 23-27, 2020

1. Write an essay (one page) explaining your research regarding Cardiovascular diseases and illnesses, and prevention methods. 

2. Write a brief explanation of how blood flows through the heart.  (This needs to be well explained)

3. We are going to start the Digestive System next week. I will be working on finding on-line webpages and diagrams for you this week. In the meantime, you can watch YouTube videos pertaining to this system.


In my other classes, I have implemented exercise into our homeschool activities for the week. And since we have just completed the Cardiovascular System (learning about heart diseases and illnesses), I believe it would be beneficial for this class to partake as well.  Download a free workout app on your phone that gives you cardio exercise for at least 20-30 minutes a day. Or maybe take a walk at the track at school with an adult, not during curfew hours, to get some exercise as well. This will help boost your immune system during this time. 

We are also starting the Digestive System this week, and we have previously learned how food is broken down in the body. Questions like, "Where is the first place for digestion?" "What helps break down foods in your mouth? In your stomach?" You should also have an understanding of how food enters and exits the body, and the answers to these questions. 

-Briefly explain this in an essay form and email it to me. 

Also, print this diagram and label all the parts of the digestive system. 


It will be each student's responsibility to know your organs that are part of the Digestive System and their functions from this exercise. If you have any questions, please email me or DM me on social media. 

I will be checking by Friday for your emails. If you know of a classmate without laptop/phone usage, please email me their name. 

Blank Teacher

Ms. Seale- HS Science Teacher

Biology, Food Science, Anatomy & Physiology

(409) 698-2413 

Please call, or email for conference

Conference Times: 9:41-10:30am during open school hours

Email, during this closure, will not result in a fast response.

Please DM for faster response, or questions about grades and on-line studies. DM on Instagram or Facebook messenger during school closure. (christi_seale@instagram)

Stay safe, stay clean, stay SMART, and stay NICE!!! I'm hopeful to see you guys soon to wrap up this year of 2020!!! :) 

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